Head Coach – Charlie Morgan

Coach Morgan has been coaching wrestling for 21 years; 16 of those years have been as a head coach. This is his first year at Archbishop McCarthy, where he also teaches Biology. Coach Morgan graduated from Morgan State University with a Bachelor of Science in Biology, and from The Ohio State University with a Masters in Education in Math, Science, and Technology. He wrestled in college and was a 3 time MEAC Conference Champion, a 2 time Eastern Region Champion, a 4 time NCAA Division I Tournament Qualifier, and was Team Co-Captain for 3 years. He is a Member of the Florida Youth Wrestling Association, and a Bronze Certified USA Wrestling Coach. Some coaching highlights include an FHSAA Region 3 Class 3A Team Championship, 3 FHSAA Class 3A District 11 Team District Championships, and multiple High School All-Americans. Additionally, he has coached 2 individual state champions in Ohio and in Florida, 3 FHSAA individual regional champions, and multiple FHSAA individual district champions.




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Please Note: Due to unforeseen circumstances, games, dates, and times may be subject to changes. Please call the Director of Athletics at 954-434-8820, Ext. 251 between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m., Monday-Friday to confirm games.





Team Records

Record             Coach                          Year                

7-11                 Bertolone                    2001-2002

            23-3                 Reed                            2002-2003      

10-13               Lauby                           2003-2004

            17-6                 Bertolone                    2004-2005

            18-7                 Bertolone                    2005-2006

            15-4                 Bertolone                    2006-2007 District Champions          

            15-7                 Bertolone                    2007-2008      

            10-5                 Bertolone                    2008-2009

            28-3                 Bertolone                    2009-2010 District & Regional Champions

            22-8                 Bertolone                    2010-2011

            7-8                   Bertolone                    2011-2012 District Champions

            23-21               Grossi                          2012-2013 District Champions

            13-13               Grossi                          2013-2014

            17-28               Grossi                          2014-2015

            4-11                 Grossi                          2015-2016

            6-6                   Morgan                       2016-2017

            3-3                   Morgan                       2017-2018

            3-2                   Morgan                       2019-2020

            11-13               Morgan                       2020-2021

TOTAL: 251-172