Booster Club



The Booster Club shall exist for the purpose of broadening the involvement of students, their parents or legal guardians, their families, and the school through support for all student activities of the Maverick Athletic Programs. The Booster Club works to achieve this through active participation of as many parents or legal guardians as possible in Booster Club programs and events and works closely with the coaches, athletic director, the principal and Athletic Department at Archbishop McCarthy High School, the Administration and the Archdiocese of Miami. The Booster Club is a voluntary organization and its actions are subject to the review and approval of Archbishop Edward A. McCarthy High School and the Archdiocese of Miami.

The Booster Club will do the following:

  1. Support, promote, and maintain a high standard of integrity and good sportsmanship in all athletic activities
  2. Promote and encourage all students to be involved in athletics, either as an active participant or as a volunteer assistant
  3. Promote and encourage better attendance at all sports activities by the parents, families, friends, facility and administration of Archbishop McCarthy High School
  4. Raise funds to assist athletic programs
  5. Assist in meeting the expenses of various athletic programs by volunteer services and other means